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IT - Immarketing March 22, 2013 Mobile Site Help

There are some things we need before we can proceed with installing the script for a client.

1. We need the Backend URL to access the control panel of the site.  We need the username and password for this as well.

2. We need the FTP URL, username and password.

3. We need the server URL, username and password.

4. The cost to install a script is $65.00

IT - Immarketing March 7, 2013 Mobile Site Help

When a client wants a background picture for their mobile site there are a few things to remember.

1. They must supply the picture. Please do not ask IT to take a picture off their website.

2. They must  have the picture in the dimensions of 350 (w) by 800 (h). The height can fluctuate between the 700-800 number but the width needs to be 350.

IT - Immarketing February 28, 2013 Text Messaging Platform Help

Our system has now integrated the new texting videos in each clients own account.

If you look in the top right hand corner in your client's account you will see a play button. Press that button and that leads to all the tutorial videos. You will see that its the button to the left of the help button.